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Preparing your rural property for sale

Guide to Preparing Your Rural Property For Sale
Preparing a rural property for sale can take quite some time and a lot of work. Here are some tips to 
ensuring your property is presented at its best to secure a premium price.
Weed removal – spend the time removing all weeds such as blackberries, ragwort, bracken etc..
Fencing – go over all fencing and make repairs where necessary or replace dilapidated fencing.  
Make sure that all fences are in good working order.
General tidy – remove any old car and machinery bodies, fallen tree branches and general rubbish. 
Slash long brown pasture to ensure the pasture looks lush and in good condition.  Ensure that the 
property entrance and driveway is neat, tidy and in good condition (paint any timber entrance and 
resurface driveway if needed).  Replace old gates if in poor condition.  Clean out shedding so that 
buyers can get a clear view of size and potential.
Maintenance – provide a fertilizer history for the property if possible, ensure water is available to all 
paddocks, carry out any property maintenance that is evident.  Make sure all equipment included in 
the sale is in good working order (such as pumps).
Home -  De-clutter the home inside and out giving all areas a spacious flow.  Paint any worn skirtings and architraves in a gloss finish and sugar soap walls (paint walls if paintwork is damaged).  Give the home a thorough clean inside and out including windows, floor coverings and window coverings.  Mulch, weed and tidy garden beds, clean up any paving or pathways.
Select your agent and method of sale
Interview a few agents and choose the agent who is prepared to work the hardest, offers strategic 
and effective marketing tools, gives you an honest opinion on current market price based on 
comparable sales in the area and who is prepared to strive for more.  Be careful not to choose the 
agent with the lowest fees as they may cost you far more in the end resulting in a lower sale price.
Appoint your chosen solicitor or conveyancer
Ensure your appoint a reputable solicitor or conveyance.  Your agent, friends or family may be able 
to  recommend a good solicitor or conveyance.
Commence Agency Marketing Campaign
In consultation with your agent, set your marketing budget and commence the campaign.  Quality 
photography is ESSENTIAL!  Quality internet ads that make your property stand out against the 
competition is key to attracting buyers to your property.  Make sure that the agent you appoint 
understands the impact of great marketing and can create a campaign to attract the marketplace.
Buyer inspections
This can be the frustrating step in the sales process.  Buyers tend to pick faults with a property which can feel intrusive and hurtful.  You need to understand that a buyer finding faults in your property is often simply trying to set the scene for negotiation.  
Sold and ready to move