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Preparing to sell

Selling your home is one of the most important transactions you will undertake in your life.  So the 
opportunity of creating the very best result is paramount.
Over the past 10 years I have learned that a premium result doesn’t just happen, it is created.  To 
help you understand the premium price sequence and utilize these crucial elements yourself in your 
future property sale I have created this easy to follow guide.
Hope you find it useful.
Kind regards,
Andrea Fisher
Principal, AJ Fisher Rural & Lifestyle Property
Step 1 - Presentation 
This is probably the most known however widely forgotten elements in a property sale.
Presentation doesn’t mean just how clean your house is but how it flows, how the buyers feel when 
they first pull up outside your home and how they receive your property walking through every inch 
of the inside all the way out to the porch or backyard.
Quite often some homes will require landscape attention and others furniture restructuring, while 
others will need a freshen up in paint colours and some staging in certain rooms.
This element of your property sale I would say is the number 1 element that will create a spring 
board for your future sale. 
Step 2 – Price
Building an exceptional price comes about by first engaging the market place with some logical price evidence and positioning.
What I mean by this is working off recent comparable properties in the immediate area or close by 
will help create a firm foundation in logical price positioning to begin with.  Buyers first look for value 
evidence before they will inspect in most cases.
This is a rule that is handy to remember:
Buyers start logically and finish emotionally
What this rule generally means is your property has a mental agreement on price positioning from
prospective buyers, then they will move to the emotional connection with your property provided 
the general feel and criteria of your home suits them.  Once a buyer becomes emotionally attached 
then it becomes a lifestyle decision rather than an exact dollar and cents decision.  It is in the highly 
emotional part of this equation that an opportunity for a premium result will be found.
If a buyer feels your property is overpriced then (even if they like the property) it will stop them 
moving to the emotional part of this process because logically they just don’t agree and quite often 
they will leave the property without offering.  
This is why some homes sit on the market for extended periods, more often than not, there isn’t 
anything wrong with them, it’s more that the market place isn’t agreeing logically with it.
Step 3 – Method of Sale
The right method will go hand in hand with price.  There are only two methods that work effectively 
in residential real estate which are:
Auction or Private Treaty (Normal for sale). 
The Auction Method
The auction method leaves the outcome open whilst also accelerating the sale process by placing 
a closing date on the marketing process, this really does compel buyers to make a buying decision 
prior to the auction date, which can create a heightened sense of urgency and excitement in the 
buyers minds and ultimately help in the premium price formula for some properties.  Auction isn’t 
for all homes, however is an invaluable for others.  A common misconception about auction is it 
costs more to go to auction.  This isn’t necessarily the case, it is the marketing plan associated with 
the type of property rather than the auction process itself that calls for a more elaborate marketing 
plan because the property requires it to stand above its competition.
Private Treaty 
This method is suited to homes that are easy to price or have firm comparables that are readily 
worked off allowing your agent and or the owners to agree that the value of the home is easily 
gauged within 5-10% of its estimated value.  
If a home is easy to price and has a number of close comparable sales that are recent then this is the way to go.
The private treaty method gives the market place total clarity on what you are asking for your 
property and is received very well by the market.  The only danger with this method is if not used 
on the right home you can run the risk of over pricing or under pricing your home very easily if not 
assessed properly in the beginning which can be a very expensive mistake.
Quick tip, if you think lots of people will love your property and the price could vary between
purchaser and purchaser, auction your home.  If you can price your property accurately and feel the buyers will agree with your price point based on recent comparables then private treaty is the way to go.
Step 4 – Marketing
The right marketing campaign for your property is like the fuel of your property sale.
If you consider there maybe hundreds of properties that buyers could choose from across a number of suburbs at any one time, the effectiveness of your marketing campaign will be the difference of 
lots of potential buyers noticing your property or some potentially missing it.
There is something I would like you to remember about marketing:
The structure and quality of your marketing campaign will determine the amount of separation you 
create from other competitive properties in the market place. 
Marketing isn’t just advertising, it also consists of:
• Your internet strategy
• Your agency’s database of capabilities
• Your agency’s unique positioning tools
• Advertising
• Signage
• The quality of your photography
• The buyer centric design of your marketing format
The right marketing structure is essential in ensuring this premium price element is maximised, 
however it is an individual assessment of each property to design a program that suits you.
Step 5 - Your Agent
Not all agents are the same 
Some are highly skilled while others are not, just like in any field.  Your agent’s crucial function is not to just show buyers through your home, it is to help you protect your price. 
Their negotiation skills are paramount.
Unfortunately negotiation is not a trained skill in the industry however it is the main reason you 
engage an agent, to help you determine and govern the strongest possible price. 
You can only base your selling decisions on the quality of information you receive from your agent 
during the process and their skill set will determine the quality of that information. 
That’s how important this function is. 
There is one thing I would like to know before I engaged an agent to sell my home and that is how 
will they negotiate on my behalf. 
Remember you don’t get to see what an agent says to your potential buyer so you should know this 
up front.
Step 6 – Buyers
This is where the process culminates.
Having the choice of multiple buyers is really what you are aiming for. 
This doesn’t always happen but can more often than not if the other elements fall into place. 
All the other elements act as a foundation or spring board into the market place supporting this 
Without all the previous elements being covered and maximized you can never assuredly know you 
have given yourself every chance of securing the very best outcome. 
A premium buyer or buyers are created through emotional attachment and also urgency to a large 
degree, remember the rule:
Logical – Emotional 
The outcome of dealing with and emotional buyer or buyers is they traditionally spend 5-20% more 
on a property than they first thought they were going to spend. 
The key is giving yourself a chance of dealing with more buyers who are more emotionally 
connected, this is where the magic happens.
Here is a re-cap on the formula for achieving a premium price: 
1. How your home looks and feels
2. The pricing of your home
3. The best method that will suit your property
4. Marketing
5. Your agents ability
6. More buyers emotionally connected
Once these have been achieved sit back and enjoy your selling experience